The People United Will Never Be Defeated
Lynn | 20 | Roanoke, VA | Teaboo | INFJ

I love naps, food, and strong female protagonists.

Little Miss Lynn
Name: Lynn
Nicknames: Lupeh, Lupe, Pancake, Cat Daddy
Gender: Female
Age: 20 
Birthday: April 30th

Sign: Taurus ♉
Sexuality: Pansexual
Residence: Roanoke, Virginia

Hello, my name is Lynn and I went to college to study money in hopes that it would come my way. Two crappy minimum wage jobs later and I am still living on a prayer. Anyway, I study Economics at a small school in western Virginia (not to be mistaken for West Virginia) and am slowly digressing to the point that I use y’all every day. I yield from Gwinnett County in Georgia which will become increasingly obvious around the warmer months where I make dozens of posts about the Atlanta Braves. Currently, my main pursuit is opting out of being an adult as long as possible.

In the form of a paragraph and simple sentences, my interest can be touched upon and if anything sticks out and you feel inspired to message me, then howdy-do, I’d love to talk with you.
First off, I love American history, food, and naps. Occasionally, I draw and write for myself and a select few others. I am a sucker for a good female protagonist but also enjoy analyzing books, movies, television, and poetry in general. Tea is my house wine because of those deep Southern roots. I am a kinesthetic learner with poor hearing, blind trust, and the grace of an orange on a slanted surface. My choice dialect is the bastardization of New England, the west coast, and the Deep South. Cliché or not, music has left such a meaningful impact on my life that I rushed Mu Beta Psi, a service fraternity, in Fall 2013 and was inducted in early November of the same year. Because of the Brothers, I am constantly learning and being challenged, and generally growing as a person with a purpose so take the “charged with a glorious burdern” romanization of duty and scribble it across my forehead.

My heart is constantly being afflicted by fictional teenaged werewolves and their beloved pack members so if this isn’t jazzy with you, I’m real sorry. I really love beards, pick-up lines, puns, flippy hair, neck freckles, AND PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE OUTDOORS AND WANT TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN.

I should probably mention that I really like mountains and things that combine many of my interest such as mountains and music. What does this mean? Bluegrass? Sound of Music? Yodeling? ALL OF THE ABOVE, SIR/MA’AM/MY GOOD PERSON.

At the end of the day, though, my real love is pancakes. Please don’t try to come between pancakes and I. Please.